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Helping Aspiring Athletes - #31

Mentoring Football Players to Achieve Their Goals
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About Me

I am originally from Brent, Alabama and now a Running Back for the UCLA Bruins. My goal is to help high school, middle school, and emerging collegiate athletes to achieve their goals. I help athletes gain an edge in the weight room, on the field, and nutritionally as well. 

I play an active role in my community at UCLA and in my home town. I want to help athletes emerge as the best versions of themselves on and off the field. I remember being a middle school and high school athlete with a goal and vision to emerge as a Division One Athlete. I want to help younger athletes achieve their dreams. 

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Deshun on Helping Athletes to be Better Versions of Themselves 

Check out the full podcast here

My Services


1:1 Mentorship

1:1 mentorship sessions to elevate your game to new levels.

​Not only will I help you emerge as a better player on the field, I will help you become  more confident in your abilities.


The key to success is a full commitment to your craft, a hard work ethic, and a confident mind. I can help you emerge as an incredible player.

See my plan below!


Football Group Mentorship

A small group setting where I help like-minded, young athletes.


The group session is meant to help young athletes take their game to the next level. I will guide you through recruitment and walk-on process. I will give you strategies and tips that I have learned to elevate your game.

See my plan below!

Film Editing

Drop Your Film in the Form Below!

Film editing is a major part of the recruiting process. I would be glad to help you create the best products for scouts to see. This process would entail

1.) Drop your raw film in the form below. I will get back to you on the price and time expectancy

2.) I will create a 2-3 minute clip that will help you in the recruiting process. It will be more than just highlights. I have a lot of experience in this field and would be happy to help you. 

Free Strength Package

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I am offering a free 6-Week Lifting plan to elevate your game! This comprehensive plan is designed to help you increase your speed and strength in 6 weeks. 

Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with my lifting and nutrition plan attached!

If you have bought my strength package, I'd love to hear your feedback!


Los Angeles, CA

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